Introduction of CSUM

CSUM History– An innovative, developing academic group with a profound heritage and strict discipline

The Chinese Society of Ultrasound in Medicine (CSUM) , whose predecessor the Ultrasound Diagnostics Group in the Physiotherapy Society, initiated in February 1986 by the official approval of the Chinese Medicine Association (CMA) and became one of 88 societies under CMA’s administration. Over the last three decades, members of CSUM forged ahead with enterprising spirit, with this spirit passed from generation to generation, and exert their utmost effort and attracted worldwide attention and achieved great reputation.

CSUM is the top academic and scientific group in China, and organizes the national academic conference each year. Our academic agenda covers sophisticated and comprehensive topics and technology in terms of workshops, master classes, case supervision, table discussion and invited symposium, representing the current academic mainstream par excellence in China. CSUM features as modernized in academic, scientific in management and internationalized in its development, forging core strength in promoting the development of ultrasound in medicine in China.

CSUM committee and its Sub-specialty Groups

The ninth CUA committee, including 62 members, selected by voting in Beijing on Sept. 2016.

1. Executive Committee

President: Yuxin JIANG

Past-president: Yun ZHANG

President-elect: Ping LIANG

Vice Presidents: Lixue YIN, Xiaodong ZHOU, Jiawei TIAN, Wenping WANG.

Secretary General: Jianchu LI

2. Sub-specialty Groups

(1) Youth Committee, Chairman: Yuxin JIANG

  Youth Committee, Vice Charimen: Qingli ZHU, Huixiong XU, Pengfei ZHANG, Lijun YUAN

(2) Superficial tissue and vascular ultrasound group, Chairman:  Lixue YIN

(3) Interventional diagnostic ultrasound group, Chairman: Wenping WANG

(4) Abdominal organs ultrasound group, Chairman: Xiaodong ZHOU

(5) Maternal Ultrasound Group, Chairman: Jiawei TIAN

(6) Echocardiography group, Chairman: Mei ZHANG

Five key tasks initiated by CSUM

Since its establishment, the ninth committee of CSUM set its five key tasks, namely, association management, academic exchanges, continuing education, international exchange and guideline compose/popular science promotion, with holy grails of building a strong team of Chinese doctors and physicians with excellent skills and noble academic reputation which would lead the development of ultrasound in medicine in Asia.

Journals of CSUM

1. Chinese Journal of Ultrasonograph Chinese

Editor-in-Chief: Yun ZHANG

2. Chinese Journal of Medical Ultrasound (Electronic Edition)

Editors-in-Chief: Yuxin JIANG, Jie TANG



Important Dates
  • September 09-12, 2021

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